Our Ingredients

We expect the products we buy to be transparent about the ingredients in them.  We want to treat you how we expect to be treated.  So here are our ingredients in plain English and in Lab Geek……..

Deionized Water-A fancy lab geek way of saying really, really pure water with no contaminates.

Mild Oxidizer-Another lab geek way of saying that what makes our product awesome is that we us an oxidative process to break the odor molecules.  Simply put in plain English…. We use oxygen to destroy odors.  There are plenty of examples of this oxidative process on the market.  A very famous infomercial states that their product “harnesses the power of oxygen to remove stains.”  OBT is similar but we target our oxygen towards odors.

Plant Based Cationic Surfactants-OK, you like plant based part but are probably wondering what in  world is a cationic surfactant?  Its simple, surfactants allow things to penetrate a surface better and that’s why we have these in our product.  It helps get our oxygen deep into the surface to break apart the odor molecule.  Cationic simply means that there is a positive charge on the surfactant.  Plant based of course means we didn’t want to pollute our homes or yours with hazardous synthetic chemicals.  An example of cationic surfactants you have heard of and possibly use are fabric softeners.  Nearly all of your fabric softeners use cationic surfactants to soften your clothing.  In a separate line below this add “We are transparent about our ingredients because we want transparency in the products we use.  If you have any questions about our ingredients please email us or call us.  For ease, you can simply click on Contact Us and use the form.