Black Light Pet Urine Finder

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The OBT Pet Urine Locater is a must in the battle to eliminate pet urine odor. It uses nearly 30 LED black lights to search out where fluffy or Bruno decided to leave a mark. We have not found any company that offers a higher quality black light than this and many sell theirs for more money.

We sell only quality products and our Pet Urine Locater is no exception. Many companies sell very poor quality black lights as gimmicks. Ours is very high quality with an important purpose. To help you identify urine spots to you can errantly destroy the source of cat urine, dog urine or other small pet urine. And that’s the ONLY REASON WE OFFER IT.

Remember to always use our Subscribe and Save feature when you buy OBT Pet or OBT All Purpose save both time and money.

Note: The black lights identifies where the urine is and OBT eliminates the odor and cleans the urine. However, it does not eliminate the reactive pigments in urine that makes it react to UV light.


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